B.Sc. course offer

Science has made a vital stands in our lives now a days. In recent decades, we have witnesses a long list of revolutions in our living environment and standards. In any domain of our live, science has put in deep impact and has made a lot of efforts to make our lives more comfortable and meaningful. A lot of work needs to be done in order to attain adequate fundamental knowledge before proceeding with our thoughtful innovations. Attaining knowledge from experienced people under a well-established academic institution is the first step towards getting expertise in the domain of our interest.

Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate degree course that mainly focuses on reasoning, understanding and improving the world through keen and systematic observations. The course mainly deals with providing in depth understanding of the concepts and details about how things work around and how they should be altered to get more. The discipline areas under this course range from native applied science to a lot of new multidisciplinary fields in science. When it comes to best college for B.Sc in Rajkot, Ms. S. V. Patel Gardi B.Sc. College is a milestone in Saurashtra Region.

We Ms. S. V. Patel Gardi B. Sc. College Affiliated to Saurashtra University offer 4 (four) different core specializations having wide application for applied sciences and fulfilling the requirement for a successive career. We offer following courses.

• B. Sc. In Chemistry
• B. Sc. In Mathematics
• B. Sc. In Physics
• B. Sc. In Microiology