An audio visually equipped classrooms for better quality learning environment.

Department of pharmaceutics:

Three well furnished laboratories provide facilities for practical training in pharmaceutics subject. Laboratories are fully equipped with necessary facilities for carrying out of all practicals.

Machine room:

Machine room is designed as per AICTE guideline and equipped with the facilities like rotary tablet machine, liquid filling machine, capsule filling machine, dissolution apparatus, coating pan, disintegration apparatus, etc..

Pharmaceutical microbiology lab:

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab is designed as per current FDCA guideline. This laboratory is fully equipped with HEPA filter, incubator etc. with a well furnished aseptic lab.

Department of pharmaceutical chemistry:

Two well furnished laboratories provided for practical training in different subjects like medicinal chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry with well designed equipments.

Sophisticated instrument laboratory:

provides analytical support and intellectual input to both in house and externally founded R & D project of the institute. Instrument lab is fully equipped with UV- Visible-spectrophotometer, HPLC, colorimeter, conductometer, flame photo meter, pH-meter etc.

Department of pharmacology:

Well equipped lab help to train the students in practical studies of pharmacology subject. Laboratories are equipped with rota-rod apparatus, pole climbing apparatus convulsiometers, organ baths etc.

Medicinal garden:

A medicinal plant garden has been developed at the campus. More than 100 genus of various medicinal plants have already been planted. The plants grown in this garden are useful in the practical classes of pharmacognosy and phytochemistry. .

Animal House:

Our institute has conventional animal house facility registered by CPCSEA, Government of India. The animal house will facilitate the availability of health and homogeneous animals for routine teaching to undergraduate and post graduate studies as well as for research work.

Department of pharmacognosy:

A pharmacognosy lab assist the students to acquire skill of identification, morphological and microscopical studies, isolation and estimation aspect of various medicinal plants and fully equipped with soxhlet apparatus, clevanger apparatus, UV chamber, TLC apparatus etc.

Computer centre:

Computing facility for the students include a laboratory equipped with 24 computers with internet facility. The network also connects the faculty and staff for information sharing and communication. The faculties are also provided computer and internet facilities.


The library house contains more than 947 titles and 3585 volumes of books selectively chosen for reading and references. The collections include resources relevant to teaching, learning, and training and research needs of institute. The college also subscribes 17 national and 16 International journals for keeping the students and faculties keep themselves update with the latest trends in the pharmacy. The college library also provides internet facilities for the students and faculty members to assist them in project research work with subscription of e-journal also.