Master in Social Work is 2 years degree level course. MSW is fully professional and practical course. In the course of MSW is the knowledge of theory and field work. Both are guided by our faculties from the begining of the course.

Deifferent types of business sectors like NGO, GO and Industry visits and Field work are given to the students. The deep knowledge of culture and personality development are also given in seminars by our institute.

MSW course is devided in 4 semesters. It is full time course. Every candidates who complete the graduation in any stream with minimum 48% can get admission in MSW.


Semester 1

Social Work History, concept & As a Profession

Methods of Social Work-1

Methods of Social Work-2

computer Application(Theory-35%,Practical-50%,Internal-15%

Child &women Empowerment

Communication skills

i. Filed work Theory paper(Classroom Teaching)

i. Filed Work-two days in a week(Agency Visit)

Semester 2

Social work

management development & welfare services

Human Resource management

correctional Social Work OR Family Social work

Organization Behavior & Organization development

Field Work (Rural Area)-Two days in a week

(i) Viva Voce

(ii) Report Evaluation Rural/Tribal/Innovativ4e Project/camp (Out of Saurashtra Region)(Minimum 7 Working days)

(i) Viva Voce

(ii) Report Evaluation

Semester 3

Human Growth & Development

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Industrial Relation & Labour Welfare

Rural Community & Panchayati Raj OR Management of NGO

Criminal Social Work OR Social Policy, Planning & Development

Field work – Two Days in a week (GO/NGO/Co-Op/Industry) i. Viva-Voce ii. Report Evaluation Academic Tour – Institute visit related to Social Work (Out of Saurashtra Region)

i. Viva – Voce ii. Report Evaluation

Semester 4


Semester 1